Bulletin 388

January, 2015

Emergency AGM

You will all have heard that John Potts has suffered a stroke, which leads us to calling an Emergency AGM at the beginning of the talk on January 16th 2015 , to appoint a temporary Treasurer, as John will be out of action for a considerable amount of time. Dr Rerrie reminded us that we must give at least two weeks notice to hold one, so hope that this January Bulletin will be delivered by that time asking for a volunteer to come forward.

Those members who were at the Social & Quiz sent a Get Well card to John and we all have special thoughts for Thelma at this stressful time.

SUBS.   There are still many members yet to pay their dues.   Please try to remember.   Fees are listed in the above panel.

Brief Notes from Alan Stoyel who will be giving the January talk

What the Tourists Missed in Southern Spain!

This is a series of images of the southern part of old Spain, seen in the Franco regime of 40 years ago. There are no hotels or sandy beaches in sight. Sometimes these images are in remote countryside, at other times in the shadow of major tourist attractions. This talk will seek out evidence of Spain’s rural and industrial past. It shows fascinating contrasts. The 19th century brought industrial prosperity, with machinery and expertise coming from Britain and elsewhere. In the background are the traditional industries which had remained unchanged for centuries. In recent years Spain has seen such a transformation that so many of the scenes in this talk have gone for ever.

Social & Quiz held December 5th

We all had a splendid evening.   There were raffle winners at every table and our good Doctor once again provided the alcoholic stimulation, although it would be true to say that the good cheer needed little stimulation, such was the friendship within the hall.   The quiz was won by a wonderful score of 34 out of a possible 40, the winner being duly rewarded.

Dates for your Diary

As already mentioned in this Bulletin, our January talk will be given by Alan Stoyel on January 16th, 2015.   The talk, What the Tourists missed in Southern Spain, sounds intriguing. The venue, as usual, will be in the Primary School. Try to get along for it and say a prayer for the weather, always unpredictable at this time of year.   The revelations about those Spaniards sounds exciting.

The February meeting, February 20th, 2015 is entitled Titley Railway Station and will be given by Lesley Hunt.   More details in next Bulletin.


Many of our members are having a hard time at the moment. Give them a thought sometime, and a wish for a speedy recovery to those who are ill.